The Way It Moves Me


Will we ever be able to fully describe how music moves us? Everyone has a different passion, but I find it exceptionally beautiful how music can touch all of our hearts. There’s something about listening to the soft strum of a guitar and singing along to familiar songs that sends a surge of contentment through my entire being. It’s the sweet clash of chords, or the simple resonance of a soft melody that completely fill me. 

We all play with words in our lives. Lyrics, poems, literature… They all frame their words in beautiful ways that provoke a raw emotion within us. I used to be really interested in the music scene. I own a guitar and a piano, and I used to be able to play them both. Granted I never played well, because in all honesty, I had commitment issues, and wanted to try every hobby I possibly could. I’m adventurous that way. I want to experience new things, travel the world and understand what makes people passionate. Maybe that’s why I enjoy writing. 

Sharing my experiences with others is something for which I have a passion. I also love to tell others’ stories. The human life is beautiful. It’s a raw, unadulterated, horrifyingly joyous journey in which our main objective is to understand ourselves and those around us. The stories that people share with each other influence the way we see life. Beliefs, morals, values and character all play an important role in how we perceive our world. Our mentality can make or break us. We must train ourselves to stay positive in a negative world, and to practice love even when we feel hatred. 

This world is already full of spite, jealousy, pride and disdain. It needs more love. It needs more passion. The beauty it so naturally possesses needs to be released. Shed light on positivity. It’s more contagious than you think. In a world with terrorist attacks, hate crime, violence and poverty it’s hard to look up. We’ve been given time to make a difference. We’ve been given purpose, a reason for existence. The only way we can remain thankful for the things we do possess is to give back to others. 

Whether that be through music, art, community service, or merely smiling at a stranger, it keeps us humble. It keeps us thankful. It keeps us full of love, rather than spite. The world can make you bitter, and quickly. It’s best to enjoy the time you have by making a decision to live not only for yourself but for the greater good of humanity. My passion is in writing and music. It not only makes me feel, it provides a connection between me and the rest of the human race. It’s not only something that I can understand and express, it’s something I can convey in an art form to others.

Passions give life to a dark and shattered world.

Light up your world with yours.



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